About Us

Matoshri Hygiene Solutions was started in year 2017. We have been supplying housekeeping, restaurant food/parcel packaging materiel and other products to commercial customers such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and B2B customers.

With the experience so far, all customers are having trouble to find best vendors and rates in offline market. We decided to take this opportunity and implement a solution for all commercial customers to provide a One Stop platform to search wide range of products from various suppliers nearby and deliver the order to their workplace. 

During COVID-19 pandemic, we got hit to our offline business too however, it allowed us to spend a sufficient time to implement the online platform idea. We are glad and very excited about the peoples reaction about the platform and our services. Although, we have defined the best possible model with our offline business experience, we are also prepared for any challenges we may have during our first year launch and operations. Hopefully, we will be able to meet our customers expectations and fulfill their business requirements in smoother way.

We request you all to please provide us your feedback and suggestions. Thank you. 

- Ms. Kanchan Shendurkar,

Proprietor, Matoshri Hygiene Solutions, Pune.